Poultry Group

In the Poultry project, we learn about laying hens and meat chickens, how to raise them, take care of them, their body parts, and how to show them at fair. For anyone interested in chickens, this project is a great learning experience, whether or not you intend to raise them for meat and show them at fair. When showing them at fair, we select our best pairs of meat hens and enter them for judging; and at the end of the fair we sell them at auction. We can also do non meat chickens, with which we can do showmanship.

Body Parts of a Chicken

Chickens at Fair

In addition to chickens, we can also do turkeys, as turkeys are also poultry, and show them at fair.

Poultry is a great learning expeirience, and we hope to see you with us soon!

Poultry Judging at Fair