Shooting Sports Group

In the Shooting Sports project, we learn safe and responsible ways to handle firearms, how to aim and hit a target, and skills that can be used for hunting, for members who wish to do so. We have a range with numerous safety features, and a set of rules that must be followed explicitly, no exceptions. We have a number of air rifles with which we shoot at targets that feature thick backstops built by our group, so in the unlikely event that that a shooter misses the target completely, the pellet fired by the gun will hit the backstop and be contained.

Our Shooting Range

Our List of Shooting Sprts Goals

We also compete in a nationwide youth shooting contest, in which we recieve special targets, with which we go to the range and shoot at, before mailing the targets back to be judged with the other entries.

Shooting Sports teaches useful skills and is a lot of fun, and we hope to see you with us soon!

Practicing our Shooting

Our Air Rifles